My Trip to Japan July 2011 Kamakura

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This Engaku-Ji “The Temple of the Spirit” Zen Temple in Kamakura. This Temple is the original home of Zen and where it was built in the 1300’s. It is still in use today with Monks in residence and regular classes on Zen Buddhism are held…it is the oldest most respected Zen School in the world. In the sacred Mountains of Kamakura it was magnificent…I stayed there all day! Come along with me on this video.


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  1. Cher Williams says:

    Thanks for this travel-blog. Your tour just took me right THERE, without all the walking! I could “feel” that incredible Zen energy coming through. You must be in pretty good shape to execute all those steps & only being slightly breathless. I loved the little “grottos” tucked into the stone, & the lollies, hydrangeas, gardens & lush greenery are impressive. The plants love that energy too. I wonder about all the spirits of monks, & Samurars & various others you may have met there. It looks like that temple steps where Uma Thurmond’s film “Kill Bill” was filmed. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful tour.

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