Psychic Readings

"I am honored and humbled to be a part of such a miraculous experience. A reading offers a glimpse into the heavens, and I am always amazed as Spirits come through with very personal and "evidential" messages, offering profound validation of life after death. They bring with them messages of love, hope, healing and closure."

Private Sessions

30 Minute - Single


60 Minutes - Single


75 Minute - Couples


75 Minute - Single


90 Minutes


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30 Minute Single Session

30 minutes – I only recommend a 30 minute reading for: Repeat clients – or – clients who want a psychic reading and have a brief – specific question about their life. Please also Note – I work by appointment, once the reading begins, my tight schedule will not allow me to extend the reading to an hour if you want more time.

60 Minutes Single Session

60 minutes – Available at my main Office in Bonita Springs, FL and by Telephone or by Skype if you live outside the US. I STRONGLY encourage people to purchase the one hour reading if possible. My readings are very in depth and detailed and it is quite difficult for me many times to stay within even the one hour time frame – especially when the reading is to connect with loved ones on the spirit side. Once they begin talking it is difficult to get them to stop!

75 Minute Couples Session

Medium Reading to connect with Spirit-Only. 1 -2 additional family members may be allowed to “share” a reading to connect with loved ones in spirit – and ONLY in the circumstance that the reading is to connect with the same person/family in spirit and it is to be understood that it is “one reading”; as in the case of a couple who has lost a child. The extra $45 charge for the additional family member is to extend the reading to 75 minutes to provide adequate time for everyone.

General Reading Information

Denise Lescano with friends at a reading session Telephone or Skype Reading is just as good as a reading in my office, there is absolutely no difference in the quality of the reading.

I will also provide you with an MP3 recording of your reading. (the recording is complimentary-there are no partial refunds if technical difficulties occur-(which are rare) *ALL READINGS are absolutely confidential.

I accept Cash, Visa or Mastercard & PayPal

*Gift Certificates Available*

ALL Readings are by Appointment ONLY, confirmed in advance. No Refunds. (Appointments may be rescheduled or cancelled with full refund with 24 hours advance notice.)

**I maintain an Office to see clients in: Naples, FL.

To Schedule an appointment Please call Lee, my Office Manager at 239-405-9591 or Email – OR – Purchase by PayPal and my Office will contact you by email within 24 hours to schedule your appointment ASAP *Now Scheduling within 1-2 weeks

All readings are guaranteed ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY. Many of Denise’s clients and cases are high profile. She is very dedicated to her work and maintains the highest levels of honesty and integrity in her work and in the community. In addition to connecting with loved one’s passed on to the spirit side of life, Denise offers Spiritually Centered “Psychic” Readings and she is a gifted medical intuitive and healer who has been a Reiki Master/Instructor since 2001 trained in traditional Usui Shiko Ryocho Reiki.