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Spirit Works Publishing

A Division of Spirit Works, Inc. Is a “Publishing Cooperative”
At Spirit Works Publishing we produce books that “Enlighten, Awaken & Inspire.”
Our books are Fiction, Non-fiction and Children’s book too. At Spirit Works our mission is to promote authors and artists who have inspiring and moving story’s to tell and messages to share. We are not a Vanity Publisher nor are we a Traditional Publisher. We are a new breed of publishing for a new global marketplace of information technology, we are a“Publishing Co-op

We are not a Vanity Publisher and we do not accept any author or book that is submitted. Authors and books are carefully selected based on their ability to Enlighten, Inspire & Awaken the reader. We are selective in our choices looking for titles which are well written, original and credible. Vanity Publisher’s typically charge the author exorbitant fees, do nothing to support and promote the author’s book and often do not have global distribution or distribution contracts with major book retailers, such as, Barnes & Nobel, Borders or Amazon and the like.

We are not a Traditional Publisher in that we value and respect the creative expression and rights of the author and artist. Unlike a traditional publisher who “purchases the rights of ownership of the work”, they are also entitled to edit the authors manuscripts to whatever extent they see fit. Traditional Publisher’s may also hold your title for up to two years before your book will ever even go to print. When an author signs a contract with the traditional publisher, if an author can even get one in this day and age, the author gives away the their copyrights to own their work and gives away their own creative control over the end product to the publisher. The traditional publisher will do little to nothing to help the author promote his title. Unless the author already is well known or has already achieved some level of fame and marketability, the author is pretty much on their own to promote and sell their book. The author will also see a very small percentage of return on book sale royalties.

We ARE a Publishing Co-Operative. This is a new concept which we have coined for the new millennium of information technology and this new age of publishing in the global marketplace. We provide publishing support services for authors at reasonable fees, from editing to cover art/design and page layout, if needed. We have global distribution of paper and EBooks which includes distribution with Kindle, Nook, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and all other book retailers large and small. Our books are available to order online and in any bookstores worldwide. Our mission is to “partner” with the author to provide publishing, distribution and marketing/promotional support and services. At Spirit Works we value the author/artist and their work, and our goal is to ensure that the author/artist maintains 100% ownership, creative control and copyrights to their title. Unlike a traditional publisher who will retain a high percentage of the author’s book royalties, we work to keep our costs low so that the author receives a higher percentage of the royalties for the sale of their book. We also provide direct shipping of book order’s to author’s who would like to purchase at cost and retail their own books at events or through their own web site. In doing so, the authors enjoy an even higher profit margin on the sale of their books. We pay book royalties in a once a month payment through PayPal.

Spirit Works Publishing endeavors to provide the highest quality and value in publishing services, distribution and marketing campaigns at competitive rates. Our goal is to partner with every author to create and promote our mutual success. We are here to help you sell your book and make it profitable. Writing it was the easy part…selling it is the hard part! If you are successful then we are successful!! Let us customize an effective and successful Publishing Strategy for you!!

About the Founder

Denise Lescano has been an Entrepreneur for the past 20 years and has started and owned a variety of successful businesses in that time. She is herself a published author and artist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Towson University in Visual Communications (graphic design, marketing and advertising) She also attended The Maryland Institute College of Art on scholarship. After college, Denise spent several years working at an advertising agency in Baltimore, MD as a graphic designer, illustrator and eventually Art Director overseeing the art department and ad campaigns, where she worked directly with clients. You can see some of her design work by visiting her Facebook page. To this day, she continues to handle all of the marketing, advertising and design aspects of her businesses and Spirit Works Publishing and has for the past twenty years. She has effectively marketed, promoted and sold her own book globally, The Messenger, since it was published in 2010. She has an extensive understanding of today’s publishing world, marketing and advertising environment. She has extensive knowledge of effective social media marketing, a great FREE resource for authors today.

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