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I am VERY excited to announce the launch of my Brand New 2019 Psychic Medium & Healer Mentoring, Training and Certification Programs.

Since 2004, I have been teaching Psychic Development courses and training people how to discover and develop their own innate intuitive abilities. In 2009 I was contracted to develop an intensive training and certification program for aspiring Psychics, Mediums and Healers for a school in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2009, I have taught this program to my Japanese students in Tokyo, Japan, in my hometown of Florida and online with students signing in from all around the world. Many of you have asked me for mentoring over the years, and I am excited to announce, that I will now be offering this highly specialized training course in a personal mentoring format!
The Mentoring programs are taught ‘one to one’ exclusively by me and are customized for each individuals abilities, objectives, goals and schedule.
(*Mentoring Students will also receive student discounts on future Psychic or Medium readings. Mentoring Sessions cannot be exchanged for Psychic or Medium Readings. Mentoring Sessions are redeemable for 2 years from purchase. No Refunds on Mentoring Programs or sessions.)

Training is conducted in person, by phone or SKYPE video /audio.

Please watch the video below of an actual class to learn more about my training programs.

I am currently offering THREE Mentoring Programs:

Psychic Discovery & Mentoring Training:

**Denise is not accepting new mentoring students at this time**

is a mentoring program for anyone who wants to discover and develop their innate psychic abilities to connect with their loved ones and spiritual guides for the purpose of gaining greater insight and guidance in life. I will also teach you how to choose and safely use divination tools that are most suitable for your unique abilities such as oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, the intuitive journal and others.
It is also a very beneficial program for anyone wanting to enhance and stimulate personal growth and creativity, achieve future life goals, or discover and develop a deeper spiritual connection, meaning and purpose in their life.
This program is ideal for anyone needing some guidance and mentoring with dating, relationships, achieving better health or career goals, for example.

5 – 60 minute Sessions
plus, Home study with Email tutoring & support
(additional sessions may be purchased as needed)
*This training is a Prerequisite to be considered for acceptance into The Professional Psychic Medium Training & Certification Course:

The Integrated Intuitive Professional:

is a mentoring program designed exclusively for anyone who-aspires to be a Professional Psychic Medium, Healer, Metaphysical Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor or to work in the healing professions. ** This Program is also beneficial for – any business Professional looking to gain insight and an advantage in their career or business. Over the years I have trained CEO’s, entrepreneurs, engineers, detectives, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, artists, teachers, attorneys, sales people and even soldiers to name just a few how to integrate and utilize their intuition ethically in their work and life. This program is customized for each individual in how to use their intuitive abilities effectively in their professional environment.

8 – 60 minutes Sessions
plus, Home Study with Email tutoring & support
*Call for more information

The Professional Psychic Medium Training & Certification Course:

is a *1-2 year Apprentice program designed exclusively for committed individual’s who-aspire to be or already are a Professional Psychic Medium, Healer or Metaphysical Practitioner/Spiritual Counselor. This program teaches about topics such as: the awareness and importance of professional and spiritual ethics, the ins and outs of working with law enforcement, working with grief and mental health support groups and counselors. I will teach about the challenges of working with people from different cultures, world views, life experiences and beliefs. Being an entrepreneur myself for 25 years, I teach the very important business side of this work including, how to be self employed and successful, marketing, business development, money management, legal liability, what services you can offer and much much more.
**This Apprenticeship MUST BE applied for and contingent on acceptance. Denise is looking for a few committed and talented individual’s to train and teach and has limited this program to only a few individuals per year.

Upon the successful completion of Training, the Ethics Review and Final Exam, a Certificate is issued for “Professional Psychic” or “Professional Psychic Medium” along with a Professional endorsement and testimonial written by me about you and your work, with my photo and full permission for use in marketing materials for promotion. Graduates will also be listed as “Recommended Professionals” on my website with a link to your website! My website and Social media have tremendous reach empowering you to launch you career with confidence and my support for your success.
*Prerequisite – Psychic Discovery & Mentoring Training AND Acceptance for Apprenticeship.

10 – 60 minute training sessions
plus, Home Study with Email tutoring and support
1 – 90 minute *Final Exam
*Call for more information and Application

If you are interested in signing up for Mentoring or *applying for acceptance into the Apprenticeship Program, please contact the office for more information.

Call or text Miel, 239.405.9591
or email