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Keep The Faith!

I know these are unsettling times and A lot of people are scared. This is NOT the end times, spirit assures me. What is happening now is just about change. As we had the industrial revolution in the early 1900’s, the country is going through a similar “Global Revolution” and is struggling to find it’s place in the new Global order.

With the internet and modern technology, the Globe has become suddenly much smaller and the economy is now much different than it has been in the last 50 years. My best advice, stop trying to insist the world and life fit in to your view, and go with the flow. Those who try to stay with the status quo, insist on it, will suffer the worst. A massive change has already been unleased and it is beyond the power of mere mortals to manipulate and control.

This is not a cosmic chastisement form God, but partly the consequences of our actions and also the inevitable forces of change, which can no longer be forestalled. Those who see the change coming and adjust to it, and are flexible will have the easiest time acclimating to it. There is no going back to the old way, it is not a choice.

Sit back and witness, wait and watch. Things will sort them selves out eventually and you will know best what to do next with your personal path. Do NOT make choices out of fear, act suddenly or irrationally…wait until their is more information. Wait until you are calm and can make a wise and accurate assesement of the situation.

Choices made in or from fear…are NEVER good choices! Those who survive this shift with the least amount of kick back from the forces of change… will be the intuitive ones. This is about challenging our priorities, strongly held learned beliefs and assumptions. The status quo is being challenged and power will be put back in to the hands of the little guy. Spirit tells me, that although things seem drastic right now, this will be for the good of all in the end..especially for the “little guy”.

Due to the abuse of power by those in power (not just politically but those with power from resources and money), the powerful are being dethroned and will fall…however, all of those who have been oppressed and held back, will be freed. The playing field is being leveled….and it will be good for everyone when this adjustment is finished. Keep the faith, we are not in control but a higher power is. You can choose to either be fearful of that fact that we are not control, or be relieved by it.

I absolutely know and trust spirit and what they tell me…yes I am concerned, I am paying attention..but I am not fearful. My life and priorites are not grounded in how much I have in terms of worldly things. I have my health, my family and lots of love in my life. My life is full and I have abundance, no matter how much material wealth I have or don’t have. Life is temporary, things are temporary, but love is eternal and survives death. Keep the faith… and focus on the things and people that are really important in your life. with light and love,

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