Angels….do they exist? Who and what are they?

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I received a question today by email about the nature and existence of “Angels”. I thought I would share with you my response….This is what has been explained to me by spirit about who and what are ANGELS. First off, I work with people of all religions, cultures and beliefs from all over the world. I spend several months a year in Japan. Angel is a term that defines spiritual beings from the we… stern world. It s a term that is derived from our Jewish and Christian history spanning thousands of years. You do not typically hear people in Asia for example speaking of angels as it is not part of their cultural belief system, unless they have studied a western religion. The way we define spiritual beings, stem from our projections, created from our belief system and language ie; angels and demons.

There are spiritual beings, that have never been human, that reside on the spirit side of life and will sometimes appear in physical form on the earth. They are not human, and do not live to incarnate and experience a full life as we do, but they can inhabit a human body for a brief period if they are needed in that way here on earth. They are called “angels” in the western world. I refer to them as the “police men” of the universe. They are not spirit guides really, they are more like the security force of the universe. Their main job is to keep the two worlds, physical and spiritual, in balane and also the forces of darkenss and light in balance. Light being love and darkness being disconnection from the light and love. They intervene between this world and the spirit side when necessary, when something is about to happen that is not part of the plan, or a life plan. They will come and retrieve earthboound spirits that may become troublesome to humans. They can intervene in a moment to keep someone from death who is not supposed to die or remove a person from harm’s way. They may also come in to deliver a brief but timely message in some way to someone who needs it.

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  1. Tina says:

    I enjoy reading about your “visits” as I too have had clear connections with who I feel are my angels. The older I become, the more often I notice and receive them. They come to me more often when I am going through troubled times, sad…
    At times, it could be as simple as a red bird or a white butterfly that I see during my day…or as profound as an angel coming to me within a dream to deliver a message that becomes real.

    Thank you

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