Being a “Witch” …my commentary

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I received some feedback about my use of the word “witch & witchcraft” in some of my posts that I would like to share with you. The feedback was thoughtful and respectful and also communicated some concern over the writers “perception of the negative connotations” of this reference. I am assuming the person is probably coming from a Christian worldview as that is the group that I most commonly receive these types of concerns from. I felt it would be good to give a response to this for all of you to read.

I am not Wiccan or Pagaan, I do not belong to ANY religion but respect and appreciate the wisdom and teachings within all World “belief” systems/religions. My posts over the years have acknowledged holidays and traditions from many different religions of the west and the east. I have used spiritual language and referenced beliefs from around the world as I work in the US and Japan and with people all around the globe. Death does not recognize one religion, it touches all of us. My work is inclusive. I have not found ONE “right” religion that encompasses all of what I have found to be the “truth” about life on this side and on the spirit side. I believe all path’s hold a piece of the truth, no path holds all of the truth. With that said, I have learned to “embrace the term witch and be empowered” by it. I did not choose that title, but it is often give to me by others…many people have called me a witch. Sometimes as a negative and most times as a positive term of endearment. According to Webster’s Dictionary definition, having supernatural powers such as: psychic abilities and communicating with spirits, being able to see the future and read others…are considered attributes of a “witch”. So, by that definition I am a witch! I am happy that in the present day, witch has become a more positive term with Harry Potter, Bewitched, Glenda the Good Witch and many others…I would like to perpetuate that more positive image. I could go on and on on this subject, but I will just say when I refer to “Practical Magic & Tactical Witchcraft” it is a play on words and NOT any reference to occult, Wicca or Paganism. I am speaking ONLY of focusing your thoughts and intentions in a way that facilitates success in life and nothing else. I work all over the world, with people of all religions and athiests as well. “Witch” is nothing more than language that in one culture has a positive and respected connotation and in another incites fear. If you have a problem with the word witch, then I think that is part of your world view and interpretation of the world around you, it is a reflection of who you are and NOT a reflection of who I am. I am always careful to use language which is inclusive and not devisive, but in this case I happen to like the term “witch” and embrace it in a fun and positive way like Samantha in Bewitched or Harry in Harry Potter. And in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “and that’s all I have to say about that!”

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