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When I made my appointment with Denise for a reading I wasn’t a skeptic, it was a matter of (with all do respect to Denise) some medium’s are more experienced than others, Denise started telling me things about my father, my nephew and a dog, all four grandparents, whom all have passed, Denise would ask me to validate but all I wanted to do is listen, I was just taken by her accuracy, then Denise went on to tell me things about myself and I’ll tell you with all my heart, I have not told a soul about my plans for my future, Denise even told me about the book that was in front of me that I was reading, this session was over the telephone, Denise is in Florida and I’m in California, I’m studying accounting online and Denise called it loud and clear, Denise didn’t guess she straight out knew, I was confused when I called Denise, when my time came near to end I honestly felt complete, many questions I had had where answered, I had so many questions that I forgot most of them but Denise answered them like she had a list (my personal experience, I have never spoken to or heard of Denise before my readingI went purely by intuition, I don’t even remember how I found out about Denise, I was on the internet, that same day I had booked my appointment with Denise and I have been grateful since for the guidance I received for connecting with Denise and very honored to have had a reading by Denise. I want you to know how accurate Denise is, I’m very sick and I didn’t say anything about my health during the reading, Denise knew what my sickness is. I knew when I scheduled the telephone session that I needed to be sure I didn’t have anything to hide, honesty is essential especial when you expect honesty back, I felt comfortable and trusted her and she didn’t let me down. I recommend a reading from Denise to anyone without hesitation. In my book you’re the Best.

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