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In my work, there are a few questions that people continually ask me. Do we all have Spirit Guides? How do we contact them? Can anyone do what I do as a Medium, and contact people on the Spirit Side?

So, I am going to answer these questions and also explain how YOU can learn to connect with the spiritual realm in next week’s Blog.

First off, yes we ALL have spirit guides who help us and guide us in our lives here on the earth plane. You will find many books on this subject, and which all will give you conflicting information about Spirit Guides. I have one book that I read that stated that we all have a certain number of guides-7 for example, and even goes on to name and describe each guide and it’s duties.

I am going to tell you from my true and direct experience with the spirit world what they tell me about our spirit guides. First of all, to my knowledge there is not a set number of spirit guides assigned to all people. We all have different numbers of spirit guides at different times of our lives. Here is how it works. We do ALL have One Main spirit guide, who is with us from our birth to death. This guides primary responsibility to us is to try and keep us on track with our particular life plan, or our purpose for coming in to this incarnation. This guide works with us through many many lifetimes and even while we are residing on the spirit side of life and in between physical lives. This guide in some cases, may have lived a physical exsitence at one time, but also may not have ever incarnated in to human form at all. This guide is not a family member or loved one, this guide is like a teacher and guidance counselor all rolled in to one. This Main guide helps you determine what “lessons” you will be taking while here “at school” to complete your individual “souls spiritual education.” This main guide is also responsible for arranging from behind the scenes, the circumstances of your life. They are responsible for the timing of events in your life, and bringing in the opportunities and obstacles that you will be presented with while here. They help to guide you on your path by creating syncronicities (perceived coincidences), giving you signs, putting thoughts in your head and impressing you with feelings. They also make the “connections” that put you in contact with other people in your life that you are learning or will be working with.

There are also other guides. Sometimes we have guides who are “specialists” who are brought in by your Main guide to help you at specific times in your life for specific things. Say for example, you are starting a business and need some help getting started. A Specialist guide may be brought in who had a similar business in a former physical life to help you. They may impress a great idea in your mind or a hunch, for example. Then of course, our loved ones as they pass over, will serve in the capacity of a guide and protector to us, as well. Your Lifetime-Main guide how ever runs the show and is in charge of facilitating help and guidance from all the other spiritual guides.

I want to clarify a few things about “how” our guides help and guide us. It is NOT the responsibility of our guides to give us every thing we want or keep us out of or away from difficult experiences. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and there are no “accidents.” Spirit guides are there to guide us on our life path, that we sat down and determined before we were ever born. It is important to realize that we ARE NOT Victim’s here – we ARE volunteers. They cannot and will not, give you all the answers or even guide you away from a painful or difficult experience if the experience is part of the life plan that you set up and necessary for your spiritual development. It took me awhile to figure this one out! I’m going to give you an example. If it is important for your personal growth to go through a difficult relationship situation, your guide will not stear you away from that person. They may actually guide you to them, not to necessarily cause you to experience pain, but to help you learn something important about yourself through that other person. We are all here to learn and EVERY relationship is an opportunity to grow and learn. Unfortunately, some times we are slow learners or a little stubborn and have to learn the hard way. The important thing to keep in mind, even in the case of a failed relationship, is to reflect on what went wrong and learn from it. Don’t obsess, don’t dwell or sink in to self pitty over a broken heart, just learn so that you do not need to experience the same type of relationship again. If you find your self repeating the same scenarios over and over, with differnt people but always acting out the same old story, then you are missing some thing very important that you are not learning. You will come to see that once you have gotten the lesson, there is no more need to repeat the painful experience.

Your Guides and Loved One’s will help you to make the best choices. Pain is not necessarily part of our plan and often times can be easily avoided by making the best choice. We many times experience pain due to making poor choices when presented with the opportunites or obstacles in our lives. We some times experience pain because our pesrpective is tainted; or we may have a strong attachment to something we want or to a particular outcome; we may be too wrapped up in our ego (earthly) identity; or we may simply have an unrealistic perception or expectation of another person or event and as a result we set ourselves up for disappointment to follow. Then of course, there are those “random” (which are not really random) events that are thrown at us in life and catch us by surprise, such as the sudden passing of a loved one. Try to remember that even the most painful experiences, can be transformed in to a positive learning and growing experience for your self or others.

So as you learn to connect with your own spiritual guides and ask for their help, please keep these things in in mind. Guides can and will intervene in the physical world if needed. If it is not time for some one to die, they may actually divert a traffic accident, as a very close call. They can also intervene and create very positive, unforseen opportunites if that is what your life path calls for at that time. Believe me when I tell you, that some times when we don’t get what we want, it is often a blessing in disquise. It is important to learn to Trust your guides. They can see in to our future what we cannot. You may have your heart set on a particular person only to find that the relationship ends suddenly and you are devastated. However, what you are not able see in that moment, is that their is someone else waiting for you down the road a bit who will be much more suited for you. Your guides will know that, so ask them to guide you “on your highest possible path” and trust their guidance. Try as hard as you can, to be open and not have a strong attahment to a very specific outcome. Many times our Guides are working very hard to help us manifest the things we really want in our life, and then we are thrown off when the help shows up, but in a different packaging or form than we expected. You also have to realize you cannot be a control-freak and work with your guides! It also took me awhile to figure this one out- LOL If you ask your Guides for help with something specific in your life, it is important to step back, get out of the way and let them help. Many times we get in their way trying to control and manipualte everything. State what you need or want and then Let it go…and Trust!!!! The opposite of Trust is Fear. When we fear, we try to control and manipulate because we are afraid of what the outcome will be if we don’t take control. Trust and Fear are opposing energies and cannot work together. You have to choose Trust over Fear. If you are feeling fear, choose to trust your guides anyway. I have never had a time in my life where I asked for help that I did not get it. A few times I almost missed it, because I was looking for help in the wrong place or pushing for an outcome that was not in my best long term interest. However, I have learned that if sometihing does not go the way I want, there is a reason why and I trust spirit in guiding my life becasue they can see what I cannot.

We all have the ability to connect and communicate with the spiritual world. Your guides can hear you, even if you cannot hear or see them. Talk to them in your meditations or prayers, they are God’s helpers. Ask for their help and be open and receptive to receive it. Try not to ask for a very specific scenario or outcome, but leave things open for flexibility. Here is an example of what I mean. A very important love relationship has suddenly ended. I know the immediate impulse is to always ask your guides to bring that person back. However, maybe they are not the greatest person for you, even if you do love them. So instead, try asking your guides to bring in to your life someone who will give you a loving and fullfilling relationship and the relationship you really are looking for. If that person is the one you just broke up with, they will come back to you. If they are not, then spirit will bring in some one new to fullfill what you are asking for if you create that opening. Be careful what you ask for, you may actually get it! Then you may find yourself asking what was I thinking when I asked for this ?! Ask spirit to help you manifiest the highest possible outcome for your greatest good, in what ever you desire in your life, but leave room for flexibility, you have to be open to receive.

Our Guides and loved ones communicate with all of us, all the time, in many ways. They are always leaving signs for us, the challenge is learning the language in which they “speak” to us and learning how to listen. In a physical world that is constantly shouting at us, the stimulation level is high and never ending, you must realize that the spirit world is whispering. You have to quiet your surroundings and the chatter in your mind first, if you are going to hear their whispers. In Next week’s Blog, I am going to explain to you how to see the signs, how to quiet your mind and how to listen and perceive the spiritual world and connect with it. So stay tuned for Next Weeks episode of “Talking to the spirit side of Life!”

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