Develop Your Psychic Abilities -by Psychic Medium Denise Lescano

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Develop Your Psychic Abilities, by Psychic Medium Denise Lescano

In my work, people are constantly telling me about paranormal and psychic experiences they have had. It is very common that most people at one point or another in their lives have experienced some sort of a “psychic” experience. It is also common that most people keep these experiences to themselves for fear that no one will believe them or worse, think they are “crazy”. Many people even have some fear themselves about their own unexplained experiences. More and more however, people are overcoming their fears and misunderstanding and beginning to embrace and explore these natural innate qualities. A very common question that I get from clients is – “how can they develop their own abilities?”

First of all, we ALL have these abilities and the potential to develop them further. Your intuitive senses run through the same channels as your creative energies. In other words, they are similar to a musical or artistic ability. For some, they came to us very naturally and for others we have to really work at recognizing and developing them.

For example, I pretty much have no musical talent what so ever. I cannot really recognize and identify different notes in a song and I do not really understand the principles of music. Music is a “language” that I do not really know or understand although I certainly enjoy listening to it. However, if I were really interested in learning about music, I could take some piano classes and I could learn “to hear” and differentiate different notes and learn to understand the principles behind a piece of music. If I were to commit to practicing regularly, I could learn to play music and perhaps even learn how to write and create music. Now, I may not have the natural talents that would lead me to be a professional musician, but that is not the point really. Growing up, I was very naturally talented in art and drawing. It came easy to me and I was pretty good at drawing what ever I saw. So, when I went on to college, I majored in art where I fine tuned my abilities and “my eye” and did go on to work as a professional illustrator for a time. My teachers not only taught me the “techniques” to “express” what I saw with a pencil on a paper, but they also taught me “how to really see” what I was looking at so that I could accurately transmit that to the page. Even though I had a lot of natural ability, through further learning and training and lots of practice, I went on to really fine tune my eye and artistic technique and take my talent to the professional level. So, your intuitive senses are the same in this way.

Unfortunately for the most part, our western culture offers very little in the way of validation, affirmation and encouragement of this aspect of our human condition. All emphasis in our modern day society is placed on the rational intellect. So we have become very intellectually adept and developed but intuitively we are quite underdeveloped. Earlier cultures, before the development of technology, did value intuitive people and abilities. When learned properly, validated and encouraged our intuitive abilities can be a reliable compliment to our rational intellect. The development of one should not negate the other; rather we should learn to balance our intuitive and rational sides to work together. I have found in my own life and work, that our intuitive intelligence can be much more reliable and insightful than our rational intellect if we can learn to interpret what we perceive correctly and trust it.

I want you to consider for a moment that your brain is much like your computer. It is the “computer” that runs our physical bodies. It is however, very limited in its knowledge and understanding. It is also not “who we really are.” We are not our bodies, we are temporarily living in them. For those of you who have a reading with me (or another medium) and I am speaking with your loved one who has passed on the spirit side of life, and they are providing me with memories, details and visions from their life…have you stopped to consider where that knowledge is coming from? Your loved one, no longer in a physical body also no longer has a brain. So, obviously we have a consciousness and memory that exists outside of our brain. Those specific details that they give to me to deliver to you are proof of that. You also know that many times, they are details about your family that you did not even know at the time of our reading and that you have had to validate with a family member. So obviously I am not reading your mind either, as many times it is information you had no knowledge of when we spoke.

Our brain is merely a link, the go between that transmits information between the soul and the physical body. In the same way, your computer links you to others through the internet for example. The brain just like your computer, can only process information that it receives based on what has been programmed in to it, which is based on the knowledge and awareness and past experience of the times and its programmer. The problem becomes when we learn to depend on and trust solely the knowledge of the brain and rational thought, we can eventually completely block out, tune out and begin to ignore the knowledge of our soul. We inadvertently block out the immortal knowledge our soul has accumulated through lifetimes of learning.

Throughout this lifetime, our brains are creating a perspective based on what we have been taught is real and the “truth” and on our own life experience. Many times what we were taught thru our families of origin, society and even religion we later find out to be false or obsolete as we advance in understanding and awareness. So, all of our brains understanding and vision of the future is based on our knowledge and experience from the past and many times what we have been programmed with is false information. Our intuition transcends our brains limitations. It connects us to our soul that is immortal and has the true knowledge of the universe, our spiritual origins and the cumulative knowledge of all of our past lives and experiences. When we tap in to that, we can “see through” the surface of things in our surroundings to the real essence. I will tell you as a professional psychic, that most people and situations are not usually as “they appear” to be to our physical senses. How many times have we put our faith in a friend, politician or religious leader who appeared to be authentic only to find later they were anything but? A great example of this would be the BTK Killer. Remember him? As all serial killers, he appeared to be the epitome of the good family man, father, and citizen and was even a deacon in his church and Boy Scout leader. He brutally tortured and killed many people over many years. I make a living out of seeing people and situations as they “really are”…and I see them many times with out ever seeing them with my physical eyes. You could say that “I see much better with my eyes closed.” I tune in to the “energy of the person” and have trained myself well to ignore what my physical senses tell me about a person or situation. Many times what “I see” intuitively is in direct conflict to what the physical world and my physical senses are telling is going on. In the beginning of my development I would often get confused by this, especially as a child. My intuitive sense would be giving me a strong negative feeling about a person, while at the same time my family and society were telling me that they were a great trustworthy person. I would second guess my self and think I must be wrong, only to find out later I was right! I never second guess that anymore. If I don’t have a good feeling about someone, I do not need a reason in the physical world to justify that and I don’t need to explain it. I just know they are not a nice person or someone I want to be around, I trust my feeling and pay attention to it. How many times has this happened to you?

There are a few books that I recommend for anyone wanting to develop further their intuitive abilities and understand them. Start by reading these and my next blog will offer some steps and guidelines to further developing and understanding your own innate psychic abilities.

**The Psychic Workshop, by Kim Chesney **This is one of my favorite’s and explains well the principles and natural laws behind our psychic abilities

The Psychic Handbook, by Betty F. Balcombe

Develop Your Psychic Skills, by Enid Hoffman

**Earth School 101, by Alan Arcieri **This is one of my favorite books which explains simply and clearly our connection to the spiritual world and how it intersects and works with the physical world. This is a must read and was written by my dear friend, mentor and colleague Psychic Medium Alan Arcieri before he passed in December of 2008.

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