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Bob Riley Life Coach/Grief Support

Life Coaching & Outstanding Grief Support

Grief Counsel-Suicide & Sudden Death Support

Bob Riley & I have worked together in non-profit groups for Grief support for sudden death & suicide since 2005. He has 20 years experience and I cannot say enough good things about him and his work. If you are struggling-please reach out!

Bereaved Parents

or Families who have lost a child/Find a local Group

Online Support Groups

Memorial Glass for Cremated Remains

These beautiful Hand Blown Glass pieces are combined with the remains of your loved one or pet to create a beautiful and unique memorial.

Online Support Groups

Serenity Club Naples-AA Group

Local AA Group-Addiction Recovery Naples

Compassionate Friends

Nationwide Grief Support

Alcoholics Anonymous

National web site and support

Over Eaters Annonymous

National web site and support

Suicide Prevention/Depression Help 24 hour Hotline

Project HELP Crisis Intervention Center

Provides free grief support groups and grief counseling.

Provides a free guide on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances.

A Guide to Addiction Recovery care options, financial resources and free resources in your local area.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehab is one of the three most common types of treatment for substance or alcohol use disorders. Patients eat, sleep, and undergo all of their treatments at the inpatient treatment facility.

SMART Recovery

When someone with an alcohol use disorder makes the decision to give up alcohol, it requires a permanent life change.

Provides resources for addiction recovery.

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