How does our Life Plan work? Destiny vs. Free will.

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Today I received a great question about destiny and our free will and life plan. The question was about if a loved one suddenly dies by suicide or an overdose, how does that affect our own life plan? I explain about our life plan in depth in my book The Messenger, but before we are born we map out our life with our spirit guides and soul mates. We have many soul mates who are people we meet with over and over to do our most significant soul work. These soul mates can appear as family members, lovers, friends, mentors or even coworkers.

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We don’t select one “life path” before we are born. It’s more like we create a “life plan” and that’s more like a map that has many different travel routes, not just one road, but many roads. The roads change along the way as we make choices here through our free will. Nothing is set in stone and the map is constantly being changed and created by us in the moment. So, to put it this way, if my “life plan” is to (metaphorically speaking, in simplified terms) be born in Baltimore and “take a journey” and travel to California before I die and I have to travel by route of car, well there are many many different ways to get there. As I drive, I will be stopping off and meeting people along the way, I will get lost, ask for directions, they may be good directions or bad ones. I might pick up a few passengers along the way and some may slow me down, or detour me, and some know the path well and can help me get there even faster and no how to avoid traffic and take short cuts. You see? So, along the way we see different things, have different experiences and meet different people, and choose to take different roads. We can have the same life plan for 4 lifetimes in a row, but take a completely different path each time and meet totally different people and some of the same travelers. In the end we take the same journey and wind up in the same place, CA…but each time we have new experiences which cause us to learn new things about ourselves. It’s a journey we go on to learn about ourselves…that’s it. Life isn’t a destination with any particular person, it is a journey and it is a journey where we explore and discover our selves. The people we meet are nothing more than companions, catalysts and other travelers we meet along the way who are for a time, a part of the plan, going the same way. Some may travel the whole route, but many will only travel with us a short while and get off in St Louis for example. You may take one road, decide you like the town and decide to stay awhile…and maybe you never make it to CA that life. So, the next life you come back to try a different route. We experience many unforeseen things along the way, some wonderful some not so wonderful….ultimately, it is our choice what we decide to do with each experience and what road to travel after.

Destiny is the life plan, the people we are destined to meet and the places we are destined to go. Free Will are the roads we choose to take to full fill our destiny. If we don’t full fill our destiny in this life, we will try and try again in many lifetimes , until we finally do. It is up to us whether we want to take the long and winding road, the scenic route, or the expressway….each one of us is the one behind the wheel. At any moment, we have many routes, many options available to us. Even if we hit a dead end, we can always turn around and go back to the fork in the road and try another path. Life isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and the people you choose to travel with make all the difference as to whether it’s a fun journey or the road trip from hell! The real key to enjoying life is to learn to pick good travel partners.


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  1. Angelique Doudnikova says:

    This was beautifully written and made me cry. All of your words ring so true.
    Thank you for these pearls of wisdom Denise.

    Sincerely and with love,

    Angelique Doudnikova

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