Looking for Love? It’s all in the timing-A true Love story

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A True Love Story with a happy ending that unfolded, just as I saw it, over the course of two years and several readings. It’s very common that some things in a reading just won’t make sense until the future comes to pass….and this is a perfect example of that fact. Please read about Nicole’s Love Story

I wanted to share this wonderful modern day love story with you. When we are looking for love, and our Mr or Mrs Right, we typically focus on ourselves. We wonder what is wrong with me? Why am I meeting all these Mr or Mrs Wrongs? When will I finally meet my true love? Will I ever meet the right one? Well, sometimes the Mr and Mrs Wrong’s have a purpose in our lives too. Many times they are in our lives to keep us company and from getting lonely while we wait for the right one. Often they are “practice people” teaching us important lessons designed to prepare us for meeting our true love. And sometimes, it’s simply a question of timing. If not yours, then the other’s. It may just be that your Mr Right is not quite ready for you yet. It’s really all in the timing! So, with the permission of the lovely Nicole, I share this wonderful story of love and hope with you. Everyone love’s a Happy Ending! With love and blessings, Denise

What Denise said in 4/29/2010 reading (with a few other details from a previous 10/31/2009 reading)

“Denise said that meeting Mr. Right would blindside me and it would happen when she would least expect it. She said that she thought that when I met the guy it would just happen and it was not going to be planned. It’s just going to happen when it’s going to happen. He wouldn’t be through a dating site or a dating service and that I was just going to run into him. She felt like he would be someone who I kept running into because he works nearby and then she saw the coffee shop scene again. She said at some point I would start talking to the guy and laughing and we would sit down and have coffee together and it would just sort of develop like that. Denise said it was either a coffee place or a lunch place, someplace that I frequented and that he was going to frequent and we were just going to keep running into each other. She said our meeting would be kind of random.”

A coworker mentioned to me at happy hour, at a local watering hole bar where many of the IT folks frequent for a beer or two after work, that one of the IT Ops guys Chris, was going through a divorce and that he wanted to set him up with a woman for a date. I heard this and immediately thought of my friend Kara and began working to arrange a happy hour where Chris and Kara could meet. I arranged the happy hour with several people but Kara and Chris never spoke to each other. I followed up with her coworker and he told her that Chris was not interested. A couple weeks passed and I walked past Chris’s desk and decided to stop and give him some a hard time for not inviting me out to one of his team’s happy hours, since I invited him to mine out of the blue (but really it was to meet her friend, Kara). Chris’s desk is just down the hallway from mine and we work on different teams but never had worked directly with each other before. Right away Chris was all smiles and laughed when I gave him shit.

I walked away from his desk thinking about how cute he is. I followed up with my coworker again and asked about Chris’s situation and if he was still single and I told him I was interested. After I stopped by Chris’s desk, it opened a line of communication and Chris then stopped by my desk about three times in the next 24 hours, just to say hello. I noticed this and then decided to ask him to the local bar hangout for drinks on the same day. Chris agreed and we went for a couple beers. Chris did not waste any time and asked me out to dinner the same night for their first date (October 20, 2010). We have been together every day since then and a serious relationship developed shortly after.

“During the April 2010 reading, Denise was unsure if he was still married or still living with someone, but she felt that he is supposed to be getting out of the relationship soon but isn’t yet. She said they were showing her a finger with a ring. She said sometimes you’re lined up to meet somebody but so much of it relies on the timing. Timing was a reoccurring theme in what messages Denise was receiving. Denise kept getting confused because she kept seeing a guy in a wedding ring (this conflicted with a previous reading from October 2009 where she saw the guy never being married and no kids). Repeatedly when trying to make sense of this, Denise was shown a left hand with a ring. I thought she had seen a man who may have fit the description Denise gave in another reading, but Denise didn’t think he was the guy and was again shown a ring. There would be a transfer of jobs and that’s what would bring him to enter my life, Denise kept hearing “not far away”. He lives in a neighboring city but not too far off. There was a connection to Seattle that she couldn’t quite pinpoint. I explained to Denise that Seattle is very far from Minneapolis/St. Paul but Denise said there was a connection to Seattle. I was planning to go to Seattle on vacation the first week of July 2010.”

In April 2010 Chris was still married and in a relationship with his wife that had been deteriorating for a long time. The marriage was over for awhile at that point but no action had yet been taken to end it. Around May/June of 2010, Chris’s wife told him that she had a job offer to transfer back to North Carolina and wanted to take the opportunity. She told Chris that this was their opportunity to go their separate ways. At first Chris was angry/hurt but it only took a couple days for him to realize that it was for the best. By the first week of July, his wife had coordinated plans to move her and the kids (two daughters, 7 and 13) back to North Carolina and officially separate from Chris, with the intention of divorce. At the same time Chris was going through this change, I was on vacation in Seattle during the first week of July 2010. Chris and his wife have been separated since this time.

“Denise said she would see me and the guy together and in a relationship by the time I was 32 and married by the time I was around 34. Denise saw the downtown area and saw spring or early summer so she thought it might not be until next year that I met him. She said that it all has to do with the job transfer. She thought it was Chris who was being transfered, but said he was either requesting a transfer or else they were transferring him. Then Denise said actually she thought that he might get transferred a few months before I would meet him. Of course what was actually happening was Chris’s wife was getting the transfer.” At the time that Chris and I got together in October 2010, I was 32 years old. Chris and I both agree that we are on the path to get married in the future and that it will take a couple years to save. We are currently thinking of getting married in late 2012 or early 2013, which would be just before I turn 34. Chris’s wife’s transfer from her job occurred about four months before Chris and I got together.

“Denise said he would do some type of auditing work. She said that he was a money or numbers guy. His work was more boring and not exciting work. She said he does case work, investigative work. She said “maybe he is an auditor or something… like a bank auditor and then thought there might be a connection to the IRS or social security becasue she kept seeing a government building. She knew he worked with cases.”

Chris works in IT Operations, which maintains applications in production (“Production” in IT terms is the real environment that is not a playground so it must be completely stable or else it could negatively impact day to day business operations). This means that his job is responsible for monitoring systems and responding if servers go down or things are unstable. Chris works with only specific applications and is involved when new features or fixes are launched to systems that are under his control.

“She said that he looked a little like MSNBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd and that he would be chubby. She said he would not care about my weight which I have been struggling with.” Chris has a goatee and similar features as the MSNBC white house correspondent, Chuck Todd. Chris has dark hair but the resemblance is very similar. I had told my friend that a psychic told me that Mr. Right would look like the MSNBC guy and recently I remembered this when watching the news. After Chris and his wife separated, he focused on losing weight and lost 65lbs. prior to he and I getting together. Chris is no longer overweight but is slightly chubby. Chris understands my struggle with weight, as he has been there himself. He loves me as I am and does not care about my weight and fully supports me as I am. He has told me that he is willing to help any way he can in supporting me in the future on any quest to lose weight. “Denise said he’s got a really traditional upbringing. She thought he might have had a real traditional Christian upbringing but didn’t feel like he was really religious. She said she got an underlying feeling like he was brought up in that type of home. She felt that in his history she got the energy of him being brought up in the Baptist church type life and Sunday School.”

Chris grew up in the South and is from North Carolina. He lived in the “Bible Belt” for most of his life, up until a couple years ago when he moved to Minnesota. His father is very religious and is a Sunday school teacher. In North Carolina it was common for his family to go to church a couple times on Sundays. Even though Chris grew up in this environment, he is not religious at all himself. Chris will often tell me stories of how strictly religious the Southern Baptists are in the South.

“Denise started looking into the fall (2010) and then brought up the government building that the guy might work in and described the look of the building. She could literally see the building and described it as a street that goes straight into the building. Denise kept seeing him in that building and said she thinks he works there. When describing this, Denise struggled with pinpointing the exact timing of when he would enter my life and thought it might go into the next year. Denise thought I might meet him in a coffee shop nearby. She kept seeing me and the man together in a coffee shop.”

Chris and I work in downtown Minneapolis, in a building located next door to the Government Center. We often park at the Government Center parking when we drive to work. The Government Center has a street that runs right into the building and the building hovers over the street with a tunnel right through it. When we take the bus, it drives through that tunnel each day on the way home from work. Every day I stop at the local coffee shop that is located in our work building. Chris and I walk to work together and I will veer off for a cup of Joe while Chris continues up the elevator to work. The day after our first date, Chris offered to take me to get coffee at the coffee shop I frequent, even though he doesn’t like coffee at all 🙂

And yep, Denise and I spoke about this guy for a long time!! It indeed was over the course of two readings and a year’s time. I was getting impatient and bored without him in my life. Not anymore! He’s wonderful. Exactly what I had hoped for. And get this – last weekend we went engagement ring shopping, since he wanted me to pick out something I would really like for when he’ll eventually surprise me with it. And it was HIS idea to go ring shopping! He was worth the wait and everything Denise said he would be. You aren’t kidding that it’s all about timing! In fact, Chris has commented on the synchronicity of us getting together. He mentioned that the timing was just perfect for where each of us were in our lives and if it had been off at all for each of us, we might not be together right now.

Denise, Thanks for all the help these past couple of years and giving me hope! You gave me hope when I had HAD it with men and it was enough to keep me going and wait for the Mr. Right you told me that was already scheduled to enter my life. I’m so happy I finally met him!!!

Nicole, Minnesota
February 8, 2011

**An update from Nicole-March 18th, “Denise, from one of the same readings you gave me about a year ago, we connected with my boyfriend who died 10 years ago. He said “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” and neither of us understood what he was talking about. In fact, you were like maybe you’ll meet mr. right on St. Patrick’s Day? Well as you know I met Chris last fall so that wasn’t right. I had the reading last year in April so St. Patrick’s Day was already over so it didn’t make much sense to get that message from Trevor from the other side. Well, yesterday was St. Patty’s Day and two things happened. Our rings were paid off entirely and we picked the date for our wedding (October 20, 2012) which will be two years to the day that we got together. I think Trevor’s message to me from the other side was about how the timing would sync up on St. Patrick’s Day for that to happen! It’s so cool to look back at my readings and see everything come to fruition.” Nicole.. I love story’s like Nicole’s! I cannot tell you all how often I deliver these messages and I can hear the hesitation in the clients voice…like yeah I’ll believe it when I see it! Well, I have been doing this a long time for a lot of people, and I get lot’s of emails just like Nicole’s a month or even a year later. I have learned to “trust spirit” and just deliver their messages. Thanks, Nicole and I am SO VERY HAPPY for you both!!!

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