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My good friend Tessa died in May of melanoma. Denise knew nothing about my friend Tessa. She told me that there was a woman with me and she was with a small fluffy dog. The dog’s name was either Millie or Molly. (I knew that Tessa owned a dog at the time of her passing named Minnie). Denise identified the cancer as being in the woman’s lungs (true). Not being a doctor, Denise originally said “leukemia” but did quantify that the cancer had spread through the bloodstream. (I learned later that melanoma does indeed spread through the bloodstream). Denise said that this woman had been told three times that she had beat the cancer (that was true – the initial melanoma site, after it was found in Tessa’s breast, and after it was found in her lungs).

Denise told me that I had seen Tessa right before she died (yes, I had flown to North Carolina to say goodbye to her) and Denise recounted that visit to me. This amounted to a good part of the reading. At the end of the reading, Denise said that the woman specifically asked that “Jim” be told about the reading. I insisted that Denise meant “James,” which is Tessa’s brother. Denise insisted she meant “Jim.” I had no idea who Jim was, but I was convinced she meant “James.” After the reading, I told only two people. Tessa’s husband- Scott, and Tessa’s daughter -Danielle. Two weeks later, I was stunned when I called my husband, Tony, and the very first thing he said to me was “I hear you went to a medium and that Tessa came through and that she told you….”

Here is how my husband (in South Carolina) found out about my reading: Tessa’s husband-Scott, lives in North Carolina and works for a company that has its main operation center in SC, and the office is just about a mile from my house. The office manager there is the former sister-in-law of my neighbor, Jim. Scott told Joanne about the reading. Joanne told her son and her son told his uncle Jim who then told Tony about the reading.

So, yes, “Jim” was told about the reading – just as Denise said he would be. A few weeks later, I was in North Carolina having dinner with Scott and a few of Tessa’s friends. It was at that dinner that I learned that Tessa once had a little Lhasa Apso and the dog’s name was Molly. Apparently, Molly is on the other side with Tessa.

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