Making Contact…Contacting your Spirit Guides and Loved One’s on The Spirit Side.

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The psychic abilities that I have access to, are abilites that we all posses to some degree, or atleast have a potential to access. As with any other natural talent or ability acsessing these psychic senses are very natural for some and more difficult for others. However, with a little training, discipline and an open mind I can teach any one how to tap in to their own psychic sensibilites if they are willing.

**I will be offering an interactive-internet webinar Psychic Development class in February, which will teach the techniques I am about to discuss in this blog, and also offer the opportunity to develop your own abilities by practicing exercise with others in the class. Please sign up for my Email Newsletter on the right side column of this web site, for more information tba soon.

The first thing to keep in mind when trying to connect with “The Spirit Side of Life”, is to remember that the spirit world is a very soft and subtle energy which speaks to us in “whispers” compared to the physical world. Imagine standing in the middle of a crowded stadium, with lots of noise, activity and other people around you, and then imagine your loved one on the sprit side sitting next to you whispering in to your ear. That is exactly what trying to hear spirits is like while living in the physical world.

So in order to hear them, we must first quiet the noise around us and within us. We must become quiet, calm and centered from the inside out to be able to “tune in” to that very subtle frequency of energy where the spirit world exisits.

So how do we do that? Let’s begin by first preparing the space around you. First “Turn off the noise!”. Do you ever take a moment to just stop and be quiet and be still. Are you able to sit and be still in silence? Do you know how many people are not able to do that? Do you always have the TV or the radio on in the back ground…do you find your self uncomfortable in the quiet? I find that many people do. Turn off the TV and the radio. Find a quiet comfortable place in your home or out side if you prefer, that you will not be disturbed. Dim soft lighting or candle light is condusive to a relaxing attmosphere. I prefer to have some very soft dreamy music playing in the background, something without vocals. Something non-intrusive and relaxing is best. You may also want to consider burning some insense or Sage to raise the vibration of the space, clear out left over energies and also promote a sense of relaxation. Religious traditons of all faiths have used the burning of incense, plants and resins in their places of prayer and meditation since the beginning of time.

Once you have created a soothing and peaceful space around you, we need to create a soothing and peaceful space within you. This is usually much more difficult…as life is generally not soothing and peaceful most of the time LOL. All the more reason why it is so important to intentionally set out to create peace and serenity in your life. If you wait for it, you will be waiting forever…you must choose to create it. This is also were “discipline” comes in to play. In my mind “religion” is very much about disicpline, the discipline of tuning in to the spiritual aspects of life on a regular basis or in a routine, usually for many on Sundays.

Now a days, many people are seeking a spiritual connection in their lives, but are looking outside of the traditional structures and disciplines of religion and dogma. For those of us who are courageous enough to step outside those traditional boundaries and limitations, the spirit world has always told me that it is important for those of us seeking a spiritual connection in our lives, “to find a spiritual practice that suits your temperment and practice it every day.” In other words, simple as that, you need to make a little time every day, to check in with your self and the spirit world. If you have the discipline to do this, you will advance in your intuitive and spiritual development. Like any talent or ability, the more you practice the better you will become at what ever you are trying to accomplish.

So what then is a spirtual practice? For some of you ,that may mean participating in a more structured belief system or ritual which is rooted in religious doctrine. For others, it may be as simple as spending a few minutes a day in meditation or prayer.

It is first, important to clarify the difference between meditation and prayer, which is subtle, but in my mind distinct. In Prayer – “we speak, we ask, we proclaim, we repeat verses, we express our thanks, our sorrow, our wants and our needs.” to god or the universe, however, we percieve that higher source…but basically we “Project thought and intention.” In meditation we do the opposite, “we become quiet, we empty the mind of thoughts, and the body of feelings, we release all expectations and intentions, we release the past and let go of the future, we become still, and in the moment, and we become receptive and open to receive. This is very important to understand. It is the difference between to project and receive, we cannot do both at once. We must be receptive and open to receive, to percieve any information or contact from the spirit world whether it is a loved one or a guide.

To be open to receive means you must let go of preconceived ideas, expectations and most importantly judgements. If you are in a conversations with a friend, and if you are both talking at the same time, you will not hear the other. You cannot talk or project, and listen or receive, at the same time.

So, that brings us to the next step which is to spend time in meditation. I always meditate before working. There are days when I can do a quick 10 minute meditation and be ready to go to work, there are other more stressful days, where I may need 30 minutes to be ready to go. When I first started reading for clients, I would often spend up to an hour to get in to the quiet space I needed to be to hear the whispers of spirit. But, as with anything, the more you practice the easier it gets.

I will be teaching a very good 20 minute guided mediation in the upcoming class. I will also be offering the meditation very soon on CD. There are many ways to do meditation which I do not have space to go in to here, but if you look around you will find many recorded guided mediations to follow while you are learning. I find it is best to follow the same meditation over and over for awhile until you really get the hang of it.

Once you have prepared your space and yourself you are ready to begin. We all receive psychic information differently. Some of us will “hear” spirit (our guides or loved ones in spirit) speaking to us in our thoughts, telepathically; While some of us will “see” them in our mind with our eyes closed, and others will just have a sense of them around or a sense of “knowing”. Be open to receive however the spirit world and your own intuitive abilites present themselves to you. You do not have to “see” your guide or loved one to know they are there.

I always start all work with spirit, in an attitude of gratitude. They have lives on the spirit side and are busy too, so invite them to come visit you and thank them in advance for coming. I also always start with a very simple prayer or mantra that sets the intention for “who” and whay types of spirits I would like to invite in to my space. I repeat “Let nothing but love enter this place, let nothing but love emerge in this space.” Then I ask a loved one on the spirit side, my grandfather, to guard the gateway (from this world to the spirit world) so that the only spirits who are allowed in to my space are coming from a place of love and with the intention of love for me and anyone I may be working with that day. You may also ask for the protection of Jesus, saints, angels of god or any other religious figure that you identify with, to surround you in the energy of light, love and protection.

You may speak out loud or in your mind, but begin by asking questions. Try different approaches and be open, really open, to see the signs that they give you. For some of you you may hear them answer you right there, while some of you may see your guide or loved one. You may also find that if you ask for some kind of sign from a loved one or guide, that it may show up some where unexpected days later. Begin a dialogue with your guides and loved ones, they can hear you. Even if you do not hear or see them, talk to them anyway and sooner or later you may hear and see them too.

For those of you serious about “making contact” I urge you to sign up for the upcoming internet class. It will be a live and interactive class, and their is nothing like this available out there anywhere. It will be an 8 week class and by the end you will be astounded by what you discover you are able to do.

**Again, sign up for my E-Newsletter on this web site for more information on the class which will be scheduled and released soon.

with light and blessings,


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  1. Andrea O'Brien says:

    Interested in growing my spiritual contact and understanding with the spirit word to help others and as a guide in my own life. Very excited for this course. Thank you!

  2. Ada Basso says:

    Would like to have the help of some of my guides to contact my daughter in life. Need her to open her mind and heart to her motherhood and take action. And of coarse develop my spiritual comunication so I can help others. Thanks!

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