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MC: Do you remember the first time you had a valid psychic experience? Can you tell me about it?

DL: My first experiences were in my dreams as a young girl, before I had learned to “tune in to my abilities”. I remember, to this day several very vivid dreams about current and future events. I also had many, as my family referred to them, “imaginary” friends as young as 5 years old, that I now realize were spirit friends. I actually preferred playing with my spirit friends more than my people friends which worried my family a bit. As a young child, I also remember just “knowing” things about people and events. When I would tell my family about what I ”knew” they would normally get rather upset by it and tell me there was no way I could know that and that I should not say such things! I had a reputation at home and in school as quite a precocious child because of that ability. I learned very early on that it made the people around me very uncomfortable!

MC: In regards to psychic abilities, is it always a guide or angel passing information, or do you have abilities of your own which are independent of your guides?

DL: Yes. I have the ability, as a Medium, to tune in to the energy (aura) of people in spirit form, and will receive info from my spirit guides & helpers, as well as, the guides and loved ones of the person that I am reading for. As a psychic, I also have the ability to tune in to the energy (aura) of the person I am reading for and gather information about that person “psychically” through their energy field. The medical information that I receive about a client’s health, many times I am receiving by tuning in” psychically”.

MC: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

DL: All Mediums are Psychics…it is just that not all Psychics are Mediums. In the same way that all Surgeons are Doctors but not all Doctors will go on to be Surgeons. A Medium is a specialist, so to speak. A Psychic tunes into the “aura” or “energy field” of the person that they are reading for to gather information, while a Medium can also do this…

A Medium is also able to tune into the energy field of a person no longer in the physical body. This is because once the physical body drops away, the energy is much more subtle and of a much higher frequency than the physical world.

I am actually able to connect with both “spirits crossed over” and spirits still “Earthbound” or typically called Ghosts. In most cases, a Medium can usually only connect with those who have crossed over. A true Medium should be able to communicate with your friends and loved ones who are crossed over and deliver to you very specific and detailed information from and about your loved ones and their lives, who are now crossed over.

MC: Does everyone have guides, how do you recommend people get in touch with them.

DL: Yes, everyone has guides whether they are aware of them or not. Some people/books will tell you that there is a certain number of guides for each person, in my experience I do not find that there is one set number of guides for everyone. I know that everyone has one “Life Guide” who is with us from birth to death. This soul is responsible for keeping us on task in this incarnation and in accord with our soul’s purpose and learning. Loved ones who cross over will also become guides and guardians to us to some extent. Then we have a multitude of other guides (different amount for everyone), who come and go at very specific points of our life, to help us with very specific things we are doing or learning.

The most important thing in connecting with your guides is to learn techniques to become more “receptive to them” like doing regular meditation and intuitive development work. I always encourage people to start a dialogue with our guide. Talk to them regularly in meditation or prayer…even if you cannot yet hear them. Keep talking, because they here you in thought and in words. Ask for their help and guidance and be open to receive it. Sooner or later with patience, practice and persistence you will become aware of them. Some people may “see” them while others will “hear” them in thought, or maybe just “sense their presence”. Be open to receive them in whatever way they express themselves to you. It is not necessary to “see” them to know them and that they are there.

MC: Why do you do this work? What motivates you?

DL: I was initially, a very “reluctant” psychic and medium. I had no desire to be either, especially as a profession. Although I was very open to my abilities and used them regularly, I had no desire to share them openly with others or make a career out of it. I came from a family of origin that was not accepting or encouraging of my talents, so unfortunately I learned very young to hide them and keep them to myself. I was afraid that people would think I was crazy or even worse a fraud. I found ways to get messages through to people “undercover” in more subtle ways then coming right out and saying how I knew the things that I knew.

I would often read for my friends and by word of mouth. However, I became increasingly aware over the years how special, unusual and important these gifts were for helping others. I had a very specific event that occurred in my life when a friend’s son was murdered, that changed my mind and set me on this course. It is a tremendous responsibility and sometimes can be overwhelming in many ways. It is not a path to be taken lightly or without serious consideration of the commitment and life “in service” it requires. I am motivated now by all of the people and spirits whose lives this work has touched in profound waves and whose lives have touched mine. I feel honored to have shared their experiences and be a voice for the spirit world. At this point, I feel, how could I not do this??

MC: Do you believe that criminals will someday be prosecuted based on information given by psychics or mediums?

DL: No, I do not, nor do I think they ever should be. Why? For several reasons. First off, we can all makes mistakes, we are merely human, even the best of us. Second, unfortunately there are some people claiming to be psychics and mediums who are not, there are frauds. Also, as in any other profession, we all also have varying degrees of psychic talent and ability.

I have worked on many missing persons, unsolved homicides and accidental death cases extensively over the past 4 years. What I am hired to do, and the best that I can do, is to provide unknown information, validation and point detectives in the right direction…. to find the evidence they need to support prosecution. I believe any prosecution must be based on evidence. A Psychic is just a tool, a very valuable tool, to help detectives find what they are looking for and need.

MC: Besides giving psychic readings, what other work do you do in this area like seminars, radio, and teaching?

DL: I do extensive work with non-profit groups. I read for Grief Support Groups who have lost loved ones by sudden death, accidental death, homicide, suicide and overdoses. Being a medical intuitive, I also read for Alcoholics Anonymous and Over Eaters antonymous Groups, for the purpose of giving the members insight in to their particular addiction issues and how to proceed to overcome them. All of this work is done with group counselors present, so that any information can be validated and assimilated in to the healing and recovery process of the member.

I also teach classes and seminars on intuitive development, personal growth and the spirit side of life all over the country. I have co- hosted a radio show “The Spirit Side of Life” and am currently co-producing a TV Show which we hope will air in 2009. I have a DVD out with another medium, write a weekly Blog and am working on a book.

MC: Some psychics give predictions, some don’t. How do you feel about predictions, and why do you or do you not do them for people?

DL: Some of my clients are not particularly interested in communicating with spirits but are wanting clarity and insight into their lives here in the physical plane. I am able to do this and yes, to look into the future. There is also much misunderstanding about “predicting the future” People always want to know “What is going to happen” regarding some particular thing in their life. First of all NO Psychic, including myself, can for see your future 100% set in stone with 100% accuracy…if they say that they can they are not telling you the truth or do not understand their own abilities. What we see are; probabilities, possibilities and pathways into your future; opportunities and obstacles, based on where you are at that particular moment of your life at the time of the reading, the choices available to you, and sometimes the decisions you or someone else are most likely to make. In my work, I may see pathways that stand out very strongly to me and are most likely to manifest, and I am told that I am very accurate, however, every one of us always has free will, as do the other players in our lives, and can change everything in an instant. There is always an unpredictable element; a “Wild Card”.

Remember that you are writing your future every moment with your thoughts and actions…you can change direction at any time. Your life is the result of a series of choices presented to you, and the decisions that you make based on those choices. My work is to provide insight in to those choices that arise through the opportunities and obstacles presented to you…but the choice MUST be, and always is yours to make.

MC: Have you ever been watching the news about a crime or case and known information that could break the case? Would you call authorities? If not why not?

DL: Yes, occasionally I have. No, I do not call the authorities. Contrary to what we see on TV, unfortunately my personal experience has been, that the vast majority of law enforcement is not open or enthusiastic to working with psychics and mediums.

I have had many families over the years hire me to work on a missing person or unsolved criminal case, because the police have nothing and they are at a dead end. In all of these cases I was able to bring through previously unknown information and validation. I have been able to fill in many missing pieces, verifiable pieces of information such as; where bodies were discarded right down to street names. Make/model and color of cars involved etc. It is sad and discouraging to find that in most cases when the recording of the reading was offered to police it was not taken seriously or even considered at all! I work with several agencies now who take referrals directly from law enforcement and I have been told by my own contacts in law enforcement that they cannot endorse or comment on my work openly. If I am contacted by a detective directly, they are not able to even say they are working with me….it has to all be done very discretely. I am hopeful that will change in the future as more and more of us do very credible work.

MC: Life after death….. Can you give me your interpretation of what it is like?

“Death is not the end of life…but merely a part of life”. There are two great books that I recommend to people who ask this question, that explain life on the spirit side very well. In my experience with the spirit world, and what the spirit world tells me about it, these books depict very accurately what life is like there. Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, by Michael Newton PhD.

In short…It is in many ways a different experience for all souls, I will give you are very brief glimpse. I can tell you that I know…it is whatever we imagine or want it to be. You can live in the Mountains or at the beach, for example. We will be met by and reunited with all of our loved ones and pets there. We have work that we all do there. All work is based on helping others grow and learn in some way. We can create or have whatever we desire by thought. We go to school there and continue to grow and learn. We plan our next life experience there based on the lessons that we still need to learn.

There are many different spiritual “levels” or “neighborhoods”- Where we reside is based on our spiritual awareness, as well as, our likes and dislikes. Just as we live in different parts of the world and neighborhoods here, we do there as well. People of ALL religious faiths and beliefs go there, even atheists. You do not need to believe in God or life after death to go there…all you have to do is die!

There is God…but God does not exist in the limited and linear way that we imagine him to be while we are here in human form. God is much more expansive than what we are able to imagine while here in the physical world. God is Love. The more you live your life in the energy of love, the closer you are to God. Where you end up on the spirit side, what neighborhood and with which other souls you live, depends on how you live your life here. It has nothing to do with prestige, power, success, money, race or religion. Where you end up and with who, depends on your spiritual awareness, how you treat others, your priorities…how you “lived your life”. Did you live your life in love and compassion or anger, judgment and manipulation??

There is absolutely NO judgment, prejudice, hate, anger, illness, punishment or fear in the spirit world. There IS ONLY unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness for everyone.

MC: Do you prefer doing phone readings or in-person psychic readings, and why?

DL: I do both, but I definitely prefer to read by phone. It is easier to tune in to pure energy over the phone. Some people can be more defensive and guarded when in person. People tend to be more comfortable over the phone, which makes them more open and easier to read.

MC: Do you have any advice for people who have the gift of sight, but don’t understand what is happening to them?

DL: Most importantly do not be afraid. Fear or misunderstanding of your own abilities can create a lot of problems, as well as, shut down the ability. Take some intuitive development classes from someone reputable, or read some books (I have some recommendations on my web site) and learn about your abilities. EVERYONE is born with these abilities to some extent. They are as natural to us as all the other senses. Unfortunately Western Culture and religion have demonized them out of ignorance and a desire to control and have created fear about them.

People always tell me that I have “a gift”, that they usually believe is from god. I am a bit uncomfortable with that, as it implies that I am somehow “a chosen one” or somehow elevated above, or different from other people. I prefer to say that “I don’t have ‘a gift’, but rather I am the lucky one who gets to deliver… “The Gift’”. “The Gift” is a message or a “last word” from your loved ones and the spirit realm and is a small miracle here on earth and a brief glimpse into the heavens. I do believe that I am probably “ gifted” in the amount of natural ability that I have, but I have also worked very hard, over many years, developing and fine tuning my abilities and talent as any professional would. I would also say that everyone possesses the same intuitive abilities that I do to some degree.

Every one of us has this innate ability. Many times we call it a “hunch” or “gut feeling” for example. Intuitive Sense is absolutely no different than the other physical senses, talents and abilities that we all possess. Take a Musical talent for example; you may be born with absolutely no musical ability what so ever, but take some piano classes and you can learn to play basic music. You probably will not go on to be a professional musician, but that is not the point. On the other hand, you may be born with a lot of natural musical ability, so you decide to train and practice and fine tune your craft and you go on to become a professional musician.

MC: Can you explain the difference between earth-bound spirits and spirits who have crossed over?

DL: “Earthbound Spirits” are spirits that may be seen or felt, and are still residing on the physical plane. They are a complicated subject. A “haunting” – as defined by Webster’s; ‘reoccurring visits from a ghost or spirit’. These are not usually the spirits that I am communicating with in a Reading with your loved ones, the majority of spirits I communicate with in a reading have already crossed over. In understanding earthbound spirits, it helps to remember that spirits who inhabit earthbound locations are basically “unstable people” who have left their physical body and are now in “spirit” form. In my experience, these spirits are never “evil”, but more than likely are confused and existing in a state of mental, emotional and/or spiritual imbalance, and as was usually the case, also while they were here in their physical life. In my extensive experience as a professional Medium working with families who have lost loved ones by murder, suicide, domestic violence and accidental overdoses, I have encountered a lot of unstable and distraught spirits.

Many of these “earthbound” spirits are existing in a state of fear and misunderstanding. They can be afraid to cross over in to the spirit realms for fear of judgment or that they will go to “hell” especially, if they have taken actions in their physical life that resulted in hurting others or even suicide, for example. Many of these spirits have left unfinished business with the living who they are often times desperate to communicate with and get through too. In their sometimes desperate attempts to connect with us, they may be mistakenly perceived as malevolent but in my experience have no ill will or intention to scare us. Let me be clear, that seeing a loved one around you does not necessarily mean that they are earthbound. A loved one, who has crossed over in to the spirit realm, can “visit” us at any time. The majority of spirits that I communicate with in a “Reading” have already crossed over in to the spirit realms. I would estimate a very small amount, of maybe 3%, are actually in an earthbound state, which many times is only temporary.

Some spirits will remain earthbound for a short period of time after leaving the body, before crossing over to the spirit realms. Some spirits will cross over immediately after leaving the physical body. There are also many places, widely known to be “haunted” which are frequented by rather friendly and harmless spirits, as well, who may hang around for many years.

When people speak of a “Haunting”, they are most commonly referring to malevolent spirits of a very low vibrational energy and spiritual awareness. These spirit experiences are many times random in the fact that the spirits have no personal connection to the people that they are “haunting”. These types of spirits may have a distinctly dark, negative or ominous “feeling” when they are around. **It is important to know that these types of spirit experiences are very rare and not as common as we or Hollywood would like to believe. Again, I must mention that these spirits are usually ’mistaken’ to be dark or evil, but are really just existing in a very low level of spiritual awareness or are seriously unbalanced. Many psychics who are not experienced in dealing with spirits on these lower energy/spiritual levels, may often times also mistake them, for being bad or evil…which is simply not true.

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