Our Group Session with Denise Lescano…from a classmate from High School

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Towson High’s (Baltimore, MD) graduating class of 1985 seems so long ago. The years fly by…friends come and go. I remember Denise (Graham) Lescano with her long, big, blonde hair and pink leather jacket. She had the same boyfriend for many years I also remember, Jeff. We had mutual friends throughout school. As the years passed, I heard Denise had moved to Key West and was a “medium.” At our 25th High school reunion, Denise came to it and I spoke with her. She had written a book, which she gave me and I loved it. She wrote about so many details of where I grew up, the streets, the people, and many places in common that we used to hang out. However, even more important to me in the book, was my belief in what she does for others.

See….13 years ago I lost both of my parents within 6 months of each other. My mother was absolutely my BEST friend in the world. The loss of her was totally devasting for me. I was pregnant with my second child and had a 2 year old, Ashley at home. I learned quickly that spirits that have passed often come through children, to those who embrace and are open to their contact. My daughter Ashley was not afraid and throughout the next few years she would give me specific details of things my mom and dad were telling her. She said, “Mommy, poppy days he doesn’t like mushrooms in his spaghetti,” and this was true. My doorbell would ring every Halloween one time eventhough it was not connected and working. Lights would sometimes come on without light bulbs. Ashley would even describe, in detail, people sitting next to me that were my family that passed. I took comfort in all of it.

I have so much wanted to talk to a medium. I saw John Edwards, and read books on the subject. I just wanted one last last conversation with my parents, but wasn’t sure where to go or who to go to? I heard Denise was coming to Baltimore again, so I contacted her. Crazy enough she was able to have a session here on my 45th birthday while she was in town. The day couldn’t come soon enough I was so excited. She is totally amazing! We had 6 people in our session and Denise only knew myself and one other person there from High School. We did not realize how much the evening would change all of us! The intriguet details that she brought through about ours and our loved one’s lives were impossible for her to know. She knew about things that I gave to my mom when I was 10 years old, She talked aboutjewelry that I have that belonged to my Mom, my Mom talked aboout the dinner we had eaten the night before, and so much more! But the most touching moment for me was a message for my daughter Ashley who had a difficult year. My mother gave her details of where she was, and how my mother was with her sitting at the railroad tracks with some friends and even what they were doing. She talked about her just finishing a 500 piece puzzle. She lectured her on the meaning of her life and the focus she needed to have for the future. We were all speechless. This prfpundly affected and changed my daughter immediately. Just knowing that her grandmother, who she hardly remembered, loves her and is with her each day! We heard from her Dad’s family and my in-laws family. Most of the details were immediately very clear, but some of them had to be researched. After the session ALL the information has been confirmed. It was actually a lot of fun doing the research and validating through other family members the information and details about our family that I was not aware of at the time of the reading. It is truly amazing how many lives this has touched even beyond the 6 of us who attended the session that evening. After 8 years of being engaged, with no wedding date set, my girlfriend is now getting married. She was told she was afraid by her family that came through, and after analyzing, she realized it was true and a wedding is now in the near future. My friend had her dad tell her that the beautiful butterfly necklace that she wears “just for him” is touching. That was all she needed to hear, that he knew about the necklace. We all laughed and cried. We walked away from that evening with our heads and spirits high knowing our that loved ones are here with us everyday. I am totally at peace.

I encourage ANYONE who has lost a loved one, sudden or not, to speak with Denise. You will never replace the joy and tranquility you will feel after. I am so looking forward to my next session.

Barb Duvall
Classmate from Towson High School
Baltimore, MD

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