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I made an appointment to see Denise approximately 3 weeks after my younger brother passed away to see if I could connect with him. This was my very first experience with a medium and was a little nervous but very excited to see if my brother would come through to me. Denise made me feel so comfortable when she read for me. Not only did my brother come through but many others did. I was confused in the reading because some of the things Denise told me I did not know about or understand and she told me that I should ask family and friends after my reading. My fiance’ was waiting for me when I got out of the reading and I told him how happy and excited I was to hear from my brother but there were a few things I should ask my family about and when I started to tell him what I did not understand his face turned white and tears fell from his eyes. I asked what was wrong and he told me that the three people that I did not know were his mother, his uncle and his 3 year old son who passed away. I did not even know these things myself. Denise was incredible and I am very grateful for my experience with her. The comfort that Denise provided for me during this trying time not only helped me but my family as well. Denise was 100% accurate in her reading. Her compassion was amazing and I truly want to thank her for the gift she gave to me. If anyone that reads this wants to connect with loved ones Denise is the person to do it. I thank you Denise. I look forward to more communication in the future.

April 2009

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