Sandy Doughman, Utica, Ohio

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I recently had a telephone reading from Denise Lescano. It was a wonderful experience. Several of my relatives came through to bring messages for me. My son committed suicide awhile ago, and Denise picked up on that. My son’s grandfather, who has been gone for almost 18 years, came through first and relayed that he has been waiting from my son to bring him to the light. Then my son came through. Denise was so in touch with him. The messages my son had for me were things that no one else would have known about, except my son and I. My son explained why he felt the way he did before he took his life. Even though my son is gone, and I miss him every second of each day, it was very healing and exciting to hear from my son, to know that he is okay, that he made it to the other side, and that he still is always around whenever I think of him. I would encourage anyone who has a loved one they want to contact, to call Denise Lescano and set up a reading. You will be amazed and comforted by the messages that come through from loved ones on the other side.

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