The Messenger by Denise Lescano- New Book Excerpt

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Chapter Twelve: The Great Mystery

As difficult as it is for some people to believe that what I do is real or that life goes on after death and that our loved ones are still around us; it is equally as difficult for me to understand why that is so hard to believe. To me, it is so natural. In every religion we are taught to believe that life continues after death. I am just simply saying that Heaven is not a far away place that is separate from our physical world. It is actually right here – all around us. It just exists on a higher frequency of energy. I try to explain this by telling people that I am much like a dog. Yes, a dog.

Imagine you are sitting on your couch watching TV and your dog is lying there next to you when he jumps up suddenly and runs across the room and begins barking at the door. Because he can hear noises outside the door, he is alerting you that there are people in the street in front of your house. A dog’s ears are much more sensitive to sounds than ours, and they can hear things that we can’t. So, just because we can’t hear the sound outside the front door, does not mean that the neighbors are not outside talking. Your dog hears them clearly, in just the same way that I can hear people on the spirit side. I can simply tune into the different frequencies of energy where our loved ones on the spirit side reside.

I am merely saying that we are all still connected, that the illusion of us being separate is just that – an illusion. This illusion has been perpetuated over thousands of years throughout history through fear and misunderstanding, coupled with the never-ending quest for governments, in concert with religion, to control and manipulate the masses.

As for those scientific thinkers among us, Albert Einstein, a well-respected thinker for his theories on Relativity and how energy works, was a master of understanding the natural laws that govern life on earth. He was one of the pioneers who began to understand some of the natural laws that govern the universe and he taught us that energy cannot be destroyed; it simply transforms and changes form. So like water transforms into steam, when the physical body is worn out and breaks down, the soul is released and transforms back into its natural a state of pure energy – one that is on a higher, faster frequency. Our personalities, memories and knowledge continue on because death is absolutely an illusion and not real. The details that spirits bring through in readings are proof that we have memory, consciousness and personality outside of the body and the brain. We are not our brains, or what’s in our brains. Our brains are simply the computer operating systems that run our bodies and allow us to function and experience life here in the physical world.

Physical death is merely a transformation, like water turning into steam, to a different state of being. Water vapor is still made of hydrogen and oxygen but its density and volume change and in our case, our frequency of energy and density changes. Quantum Physics has proven that all things in the world are made of molecules of energy, which are always moving even in the heaviest and most dense solid objects. We are just bundles of energy and everything is different compositions of energy. Similar to a hermit crab that has outgrown its shell, and moves on to find a new one, our bodies are just our shell. Much like if we were to visit the Moon, they are like a “space suit” that we put on so that we can experience life here in the physical world.

We are actually not invisible in spirit form either. Our pets, small children and animals are very capable of seeing our loved ones in spirit when they pay us a visit. Have you ever noticed your cat or dog acting very strangely after the passing of a loved one? My dog has often jumped up suddenly and began barking at a corner of the room, where to the human eye, it appears to be empty. One night, I watched my grandfather in spirit, take a “virtual” cat toy and play with my very much alive cat. The cat jumped and chased the toy all over my couch for three or four minutes while I and my grandfather in spirit laughed. To anyone else, it would have appeared my cat had quite literally gone insane chasing around and pouncing on an invisible cat toy. But I could see clearly what my cat was chasing and who was playing with him. Often times when a toddler tells you she is playing with Grandpa and he’s passed, she is quite literally playing with Grandpa. It is not her imagination or yours; but it is where we most easily see them – in our imaginations and dreams.

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