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The Following is published in the book Visits From Heaven by Josie Varga.

(This story is also told in more detail in my new book The Messenger-Read a Statement written by the twin brother in this reading, in the comments below this Blog)

My name is Jane Heady and I am now retired from my work as a Victim Advocate and Grief Counselor. My interest in this field began in the 1980’s when I became involved with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I found that working with those who had lost a loved one tragically, unexpectedly and often times violently was very rewarding. I learned from those whom I worked with that the human spirit is truly an amazing thing! They taught me that healing is possible when faced with the worst thing that life can hand you-the unexpected tragic death of a loved one.

In the past 4 years, I have worked as a Grief Counselor for a crisis center and that is where I met Spirit Medium, Denise Lescano. I knew that many of my clients had gone to see a medium but I myself was skeptical! When I was asked if I would facilitate a monthly group that Denise had volunteered to do for our center, I was very reluctant. I had my own preconceived idea and doubts about contacting the spirit world. But I agreed, as my clients were very eager to participate.

I remember how I warned and cautioned them not to have any unreal expectations about these sessions. I did not want them to be disappointed, thus hindering their grief journey. I would soon learn that just the opposite was true!

I can clearly recall the experience I had at that very first session. I did not tell Denise anything about the attendees. She did not know anything about the people who were there that night! I only told her how many people would be attending. As the first reading began, I could not believe what I was witnessing! I told myself that this was truly amazing! The spirits were coming through her with facts that I knew to be true from my individual sessions with the clients. I was blown away! There was no way on this earth that she could have known these facts, not knowing the people or their circumstances. Later, in some of my private sessions with these clients, they would ask me how much I told her. I could truthfully tell them, “Not a thing.”

From that day forward, I was a true believer. But more than that, I was witness to the results of those sessions and saw how Denise had helped so many in their healing journey.

Denise and I worked together each month for 2 years. Through her volunteer work for the crisis center she was able to give many people the gift of a Visit from Heaven.

Jane Heady, Grief Counselor-Retired


by: Denise Lescano, Professional Medium

“As a Professional Medium I am constantly receiving “Visits from Heaven”. Every reading that I give offers a brief glimpse in to the heavens and I am as amazed as my clients are, by the messages that Spirits bring through for them. I have been very fortunate to have the honor of working with some very well known and respected non-profit organizations which provide support services and counseling for those who have lost loved ones suddenly and tragically. One such organization offered grief support for families who had lost loved one’s by homicide, suicide, overdose and accidental death scenarios and took referrals directly from local law enforcement and the DA’s office. I volunteered my time for this non-profit for two years, sitting with the different support groups, with the grief counselor present, and reading for the family members offering them a last communication with their loved ones on the spirit side of life. Incidentally, the Grief Counselor that I worked with, was also the “Victim’s Advocate” for the local State Attorney’s office here in FL. Due to the strict confidentiality rules of this organization, I was never told before hand or even after, anyone’s names. I was also not told the circumstances of death or even which support group I would be reading for each evening.

I read for so many people, but every now and then one particular reading will really stand out in my memory. This is one of them, and it provides in no uncertain terms, complete validation of life after physical death and that our loved one’s in spirit are always with us. I was as amazed by this very special reading as everyone in attendance that night at the support group for accidental death.

A very attractive middle aged women came in and took a seat with a very handsome young man who I later learned in the reading was her son. I knew immediately, before I even started the reading that she and her son were very skeptical. I found out after the reading, that the Mom had been attending the support group and that she had told her son about a Medium coming to the group. Out of concern for her, he came along to make sure she was not being taken for a ride. He was certain that I was a fraud, that this was not possible, and he came to protect his Mom. They were both astounded by what came through that evening, with the Victim’s Advocate present.

The son was an identical twin, and his twin brother was on the spirit side of life and had been killed in a car accident. He came through to me crystal clear and with a wonderfully funny sense of humor and kept us all laughing and the mood uplifting. There are so many things about this reading I would love to share, but I will narrow it down to two specific very ‘evidential’ messages.

The mother, on the way over in the car, prayed in her head to her deceased son. She asked him to prove that I was real and it was really him coming through, by telling a specific story about he and his brother. She almost fell off her chair as her son came through talking to his brother about a particular evening when they decided to pretend they were the other, in order to fool their dates, so that they could switch dates. It was the exact story that his Mom had asked him to tell. Needless to say the brother, sitting with his Mom, was amazed at hearing the story, and I had really gotten his attention at this point. The next thing that happened was even more amazing.

The living brother had brought his brothers wallet with him in his back pocket, with all of his brother’s things still in the wallet. On the way over, in the car, he asked his brother, to prove to him that this was real and it was really him, by telling me about the wallet. As you can imagine, his jaw dropped to the floor when I told him that his brother was telling me that he had his wallet in his pocket with all of his things still in it. He even went on to describe in detail a few of the items that were in the wallet. The Reading continued on with plenty more jaw dropping information about their lives and a family business the sons had ran with their father. They may have walked in skeptics, but they were walking out believers. I knew in that moment, that their lives had been changed for ever, by the steadfast commitment of this young man on the spirit side of life to prove to his family, without a doubt, that he was alive and well and still with them. It was a very memorable evening for all of us and one that I will never forget. It was truly a miraculous visit from heaven for all the people present and fortunate enough to witness it.”

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