“Mystical, Magical, Spiritual, Haunted Japan”

I have been traveling to Japan since 2010 when I was asked to come there to teach a workshop for Synchronicity Japan, Inc. Located in Tokyo, this school has been teaching courses on the subjects of Metaphysics, Spirituality & Paranormal, Alternative Healing and Personal Development for more than 25 years. Since my first trip to Japan, I have lived and worked there for several months each year, to teach a four week
Training & Certification Course
and Consult for my Japanese clients in Private Sessions.

Denise at Mt Kurama Reiki Spot

This is the very Spot where Mikao Usui, founder of Usui “Reiki” Ryoho, was when he received the system that is today called Reiki while in meditation. It is considered a very spiritual “power spot” by the Japanese.

Kyoto Shrine in Japan

Ancient Shrine in Kyoto.

I have been incredibly blessed and fortunate to have been given such an amazing opportunity to live and work in Japan for so many years. I have a deep and abiding heart connection to Japan, her history, culture and people. I can honestly say that I immediately felt like I was “home” upon my first visit. On my days off, I typically spend my time traveling all over the country getting to see and experience the most amazing things. I have had rare opportunities to visit very sacred, old places that tourists and most Japanese never even see. One such place is the Sacred Temple on Mount Kurama, which is the birthplace of Reiki. Having been a Reiki Master since 2001, it was an incredible experience having been able to visit this place many times and granted special access to enter private areas of the Shrine that only the Monks that reside there are allowed to be.

You can read about one of my experiences in a very famous and very haunted 2000 year old Monastary called
Enryaku-ji Temple and Monastery on Mount Hiei.

I have had the unique privilege of meeting and teaching some of the most amazing people in Japan. Many of whom have been Japanese healers, alternative medicine doctors, and spiritual teachers. In turn, I have also had the unique opportunity to befriend and learn directly from them about their modalities as well. Living and working in Japan has given me the special opportunity to share my western teachings and culture with the Japanese and return home to teach what I have learned from the Japanese and Eastern traditions as well. The experience has helped me to me develop and offer the “Integrated Intuitive Professional Course” which takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to intuitive development, spirituality, healing and personal growth.

Mt Kurama Japan

Mount Kurama, Japan: I have been a Reiki Master since 2001, I am standing on the very spot that Reiki is said to have been born.

Mount Hiei outside of Kyoto Japan

Mount Hiei, just outside of Kyoto, Japan. My favorite spot on the planet, at the top of this mountain looking out over the roof of a very secluded ancient shrine, down on the city of Kyoto.

Denise teaching a Japan class