Spirit Medium Readings

Connecting with those on the Spirit Side of Life

A Private Reading will offer an opportunity to ask questions and communicate with your loved ones who have passed on to “the spirit side of life”. I am actually able to connect with both “spirits crossed over” and spirits still “Earthbound” or typically called Ghosts. In most cases a Medium can usually connect with one or the other only, and usually those who have crossed over.

I have connected with spirits who have been passed for only hours. In all cases Spirits will come through with very detailed, personal messages and “evidential” information. In the vast majority of cases, the spirit that you want to communicate with will come through, and wants to speak with you as much as you do with them.

Please understand, however, that “I cannot guarantee” that a particular spirit will come through. I am not in control of “who” chooses to come through in the reading and neither are you; it is “their choice.” However, someone will always come through, and sometimes it may be a person that you may not expect or have been thinking of. There are “spiritual reasons” why sometimes a particular spirit will not come through in a reading. In most cases, however, I can usually connect with a spirit who has not come through yet in a reading, if I am asked to, and if “they choose” to. I always trust the spirit realm, as “they are in control”, that the information that they bring through is most important and what my client needs to hear at this particular time in their life.

*Please read the What To Expect page for more information*

Note: A Private Reading is for 1- Person only

One or two additional family members may be allowed, in some instances, provided the reading is to connect with the same person and is “one reading”, as in the case of a couple who has lost a child. There is a $45 charge for each additional family member and the reading will be extended to 75 minutes to provide adequate time for everyone to receive a message.

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