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Spiritually Centered Life Path, Love & Relationship – Psychic Readings

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As well as, the choices available to you in your life in relation to your: relationships, health, work, personal growth and life lessons. Readings are very personal, detailed and in depth. As a Medium, I DO NOT use any “Tools” (such as tarot cards, astrology, photos etc.) or require any information from you in advance to read with.

I also specialize in Readings about Love life & Relationships.
We all have life lessons that we are learning through our closest relationships with family, partners and friends. Behind these relationships are also patterns of behavior which I am very attuned to seeing. By illuminating patterns of behavior for you and your partner, I can help you make more enlightened choices and reactions and effectively attain more fulfilling and healthy love relationships.

**I MUST insist that any information given to you concerning mental or physical Health MUST first be discussed with your Doctor or Counselor before taking any action. My work is not a replacement for counseling or coaching and if need be I may refer you to a licensed professional for continued help with behavioral reprogramming.

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“My goal in any Reading is to give you the tools, important information, clarity and insight that you need, to be informed and empowered to make the important choices and decisions in your own life. No one knows better than you, what is best for you. I DO NOT tell people what they “should do”. Those decisions are “yours” to make, it is your life to live…and no one can, nor should, do that for you. The only advice I ever give, is to NEVER give your personal power to another…whether it be a lover, spiritual advisor, professional or psychic.

It is very important… that you take responsibility for your own life, choices and actions. That is the – one and only – reason that we are all here having this physical life experience.”