Intuitive Consulting


Denise Lescano Physic Medium
I utilize my Intuitive abilities and edge in conjunction with my education (BS) & work experience in Advertising, Marketing, Design, Business and Product Development, and extensive experience as a successful Entrepreneur & Business woman for the past 15 years. I work with large Corporate Business, as well as, individuals self-employed and already in Business, considering starting a business, or making a career change. I regularly consult for CEO’s and Professionals in Finance, Product Sales, TV & Film, as well as, a full range of professionals and small business owners on a diverse variety of business ventures. I also offer Career guidance to help you find your most practical and fulfilling career path. *See my
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With the understanding that each one of us is on a very unique spiritual Life Path, respecting and honoring that, I will work with your spirit guides and loved ones in spirit to guide you in achieving self-awareness, spiritual awareness and a more full filling and abundant life experience, in accordance with your individual and unique Life Path, purpose and (karma) lessons to be learned.


Deals with Relationship/Family Issues and Patterns, Addiction Issues and Achieving Life goals. Healing after Divorce, Grief and other Loss, and finding direction in life. Working as a kind of “Spiritual Social Worker” I will illuminate for you the core issues, your next steps, and if needed, connect you with the appropriate self-help resources, professional or counseling services.

Denise working with law inforcement
Denise has extensive experience in Criminal Investigation and works directly with Local & Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Detectives, Military Agencies, Attorney’s and sometimes family’s. Cases are accepted on an individual basis, not all cases are accepted. Denise’s experience includes working with detectives on homicide, criminal activity and unsolved death scenarios. *Missing person’s cases are ONLY accepted when working directly with law enforcement or detectives – no exceptions. Denise does not work with families on missing person’s cases. *All cases MUST be reviewed and accepted prior to scheduling. Contact the office for consideration.

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