• The Messenger Video 3

    Do I see spirits ever where I go all the time? Can I turn it off? The Messenger book – read an excerpt & purchase the book on The Messenger […]

  • Glenn Klausner; Psychic Medium – New York

    “As a professional medium my own personal reading with Denise Lescano was “right on”. Everything she said about my Mother and Step-Mother was verifiable information. My Mom who would not […]

  • My Trip to Japan July 2011 Kamakura

    This Engaku-Ji “The Temple of the Spirit” Zen Temple in Kamakura. This Temple is the original home of Zen and where it was built in the 1300’s. It is still […]

  • Metaphysical-Psychic Directory’s & Centers

    Best Psychic Directory This is a Directory of Psychics and Mediums. This listing is not “Tested” or verified in any way. I cannot personally endorse anyone in this Directory, but […]

  • Grief & Crisis Counseling

    Bob Riley Life Coach/Grief Support Life Coaching & Outstanding Grief Support Grief Counsel-Suicide & Sudden Death Support Bob Riley & I have worked together in non-profit groups for Grief support […]

  • Recommended Psychics & Professionals

    My Facebook Page Please recommend to your friends My Channel on YouTube You will find 6 Video Clips from my DVD Numerology-Vikki MacKinnon For those inclined to a numerology reading, […]

  • Jerry D. Eddleman, The Serenity Club of Naples

    This was the most therapeutic “counseling” that I have ever witnessed. There was catharsis, healing, and hope for everyone who joined us in these sessions. Undoubtedly, some will dismiss the […]

  • Denise’s Review at Medium Channel

    Named One Of The Best! Below is the review that Paolo Di Gregorio of Medium Channel did after his reading with Denise. “I have been doing reviews of psychics and […]

  • David H.

    Hi Denise I just wanted to send you a follow up email. After having had an opportunity to listen to our recorded session many times, I wanted to let you […]

  • Gigi, Naples

    Hi Josie Remember when Denise was at your house and we had the Medium Reading??? She told me that Fred would get a big promotion within 2-3 years… last week […]

  • Sandy Doughman, Utica, Ohio

    I recently had a telephone reading from Denise Lescano. It was a wonderful experience. Several of my relatives came through to bring messages for me. My son committed suicide awhile […]

  • Lovett

    Hi Denise, I just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing reading you gave me this afternoon. I already knew you were the real deal, but the validation […]

  • TJ

    Hi Denise… You met with my sister through Project Help Thursday and I just wanted you to know you may have saved her life. You communicated with her son who […]

  • Diane Vandersteen – Naples, Florida

    Hi Denise, I came to your Gallery Reading last month in Naples. I had a great time. When it came to my turn, I was really surprised as to who […]

  • Lu S – Naples, FL

    My good friend Tessa died in May of melanoma. Denise knew nothing about my friend Tessa. She told me that there was a woman with me and she was with […]

  • Candie Sanderson, Naples, FL

    Denise, My daughter and I came to see you June of this year. You “knew” a lot of things: that my daughter was getting married, that her father had crossed […]